It looks like the tracklisting for the new LP, New Noise Designed By A Sadist, has been released. There’s been no official announcement as yet, however the guys at PWEInation have found a press release online with the tracklisting included, which is as follows:

  1. Back 2 Business
  2. Chaos & Mayhem
  3. Nosebleed Turbo TV
  4. Captain Plastic
  5. Mask
  6. Equal Zero
  7. Oldskool Cool
  8. Seek & Destroy
  9. Disguise
  10. Wasted (part 1)
  11. Wasted (part 2)

Some info has been released about the new PWEI LP and supporting tour dates. The new LP is called ‘New Noise Designed By A Sadist’, is produced by Sulpher (Monti and Rob Holliday) and will be released by Cooking Vinyl on October 3rd 2011 with artwork by The Designers Republic.

The tour dates have been released on the PWEI Facebook page here:

[update] Also, the new line-up has been announced. Along with original member Graham Crabb will be:

Mary Byker (Co-vocalist)
Crabb: “I have known Mary since 1987 since his days with Gaye Bykers On Acid. He always was a likeable fella and charmed his way into Pigface in the US, before co-fronting UK electronic band Apollo 440. Now living in Brazil, writing music for films and documentaries & has opened a bar. Still writes & records as Magnetic Empire with DJ Harry K. He was an automatic first choice.”

Davey Bennett (Bass)
Crabb: “Currently works with electro, industrial rock band ‘This Burning Age’. Davey is always taking on new and interesting live and studio projects ranging from punk to bizzare instrumental. He has toured alongside the likes of The Blackout, Mendeed, Breed 77, Strung Out and Kids In Glass Houses.”

Tim Muddiman (Guitar)
“Is a very busy musician who was recommended by a mutual friend. He plays in Gary Numan’s band, is part of Sulpher with Rob Holiliday & Monti. He is currently working with Mignon, featuring members of Peaches and Sweet Machine. Tim is also very busy in the studio as an up and coming producer with credits to working with Slash and Fergie with Ade Fenton.”

Jason Bowld (Drums)
“I always admired Jason’s drumming in Pitchshifter and jumped at the chance of using him on the new PWEI record.. He’s now an in-demand session drummer and recently stood in for Bullet For My Valentine on their most recent tour as well as playing for Killing Joke and Bill Bailey. Live, he’s going to be awesome.”

(quotes by Graham from the PWEI Facebook page)

Just a quick one, the wallpapers page has been updated with two Unspoilt By Progress logo wallpapers along with a couple based on the new 2011 artwork.

It looks like things are afoot, as the new official PWEI site has appeared! It’s just a holding page for now, but it does give us a preview of some new DR artwork (looks like an update of the old t-shirt design from circa ’96), as well a links to the new Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Check it out at

The Cherry Red expanded reissues of both Box Frenzy and Now For A Feast are now available to pre-order on the Rough Trade website:

Box Frenzy – expanded 25th anniversary edition

in 1987, pop will eat itself surprised the independent music world by morphing overnight from two minute, three chord indie pop wonders into hip-hop rock crossover pioneers. years ahead of their time, pwei produced ‘box frenzy’, a furious mix of beatboxes, metal riffs, mc ing and pop songs. featuring the notorious ‘beaver patrol’ single, and the hugely successful ‘there is no love between us anymore’, the album brought the band a whole new audience and opened them up to as much praise as it did ridicule amongst a perplexed music press. produced with the band’s assistance and approval, and featuring three never before heard home demos and three rare, never before on cd tracks, as well as an extensive sleeve essay, sleeve notes from keyboardist / guitarist adam mole and a wealth of unseen photographs, press clippings and so on, this release is a treasure trove for fans and collectors alike. this package is the second in a series of cherry red pop will eat itself reissues, which will take in the band’s entire catalogue, tell their story and see the release of dozens of unreleased, rare and never before on cd tracks.

Now For A Feast – expanded 25th anniversary edition

in 1986, pop will eat itself burst onto the uk and european independent scene with a flurry of energetic, punk infused singles, including their self pressed and distributed debut, ‘poppies say grrrrr!’ and others released by chapter 22. during that year they became mainstays of the uk music press and blazed a trail towards the hip-hop tinged direction they would take with their second album, ‘box frenzy’. this set charts this first year of the band’s career, including seven previously unheard demos and live cuts from the band’s own archives and a number of later b-sides. including a previously unreleased song (‘summer girl’), early incarnations of tracks re-recorded and released in later years and demos of the impossible to find debut ep by wild and wandering (the name the band operated under before becoming pwei), this really is a treasure trove for fans and collectors. produced with full co-operation and support from the band members, and including both an essay and sleeve-notes from keyboardist / guitarist adam mole, as well as never before seen archive shots and press clippings, this package is the first in a series of cherry red pop will eat itself reissues which will take in the band’s entire catalogue, tell their story and see the release of dozens of unreleased, rare and never before on cd tracks.

As announced on the (currently unavailable) PWEInation forums, the tracklistings for the forthcoming Now For A Feast & Box Frenzy reissues have been released. Both albums are to be released on July 25th 2011 by Cherry Red, and their tracklistings have been added to the relevant discography pages:

Now For A Feast

Box Frenzy

Notable bonus tracks include the demos from the pre-PWEI Wild & Wandering sessions on Now For A Feast and Clint’s demo for Def.Con.One on Box Frenzy.